VAginal Balls Yani Dorado Golden and Blue

Do you want to exercise your pelvic floor while your vaginal muscles are strengthened? When your vaginal muscles are strengthened you will notice how your orgasms intensify,?duration and in intensity. These vaginal balls are made of aluminum, maintaining optimal and safe hygiene for your entire body. The benefits of these balls include the reduction of incontinence and problems in the pelvic floor. It is ideal to strengthen the pelvic floor after a birth through Kegel exercises thanks to the variety of weights of the balls. To use these balls and get the most benefits use your favorite water-based lubricant.

The recommended steps for the correct use of these balls are:

  • Step 1: the best and most comfortable at the time of starting is to do it with an empty bladder.
  • Step 2: insert one ball each time, note that if you have problems with the insertion, you can?raise one leg or lie down. Remember to keep the silicone cord always on the outside.

To obtain the best possible results it is recommended to use the balls for 15 minutes a day to strengthen, increasing the time gradually 5 minutes a day until reaching 30 minutes per session. Keep in mind that your body will feel uncomfortable about the new exercise in a new area, but if it persists you should consult a doctor. Do not use during pregnancy or the menstrual cycle.

  • Medical grade silicone

It includes:

  • 2 blue balls of 40 gr each
  • 2 golden balls of 30 gr each
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