Stringer Anal Beads 30 cm

Afterdark is the brand you need to enjoy the most naughty pleasures safely and pleasantly.

It is therefore composed of a series of anal plugs of the highest quality and with an elegant, beautiful and erotic design.

Stringer is an ideal anal chain for the training of the first-timers or to increase the pleasure in the relationships of the most experienced. Throughout Stringer you will find little balls of different sizes, increasing the closer you get to the “base”, so that you can go at your own pace, slowly but surely.

With the first ball of a fairly small size for easy insertion, with its materials and with its base ring for comfortable extraction, Stringer will be your ideal companion for your anal games in any situation.

Remember to clean Stringer with a good toy cleaner, like your favorite Nanami N-507, N-996 or N-997, before and after each use. We recommend the use of a good water-based lubricant to enhance your experience, such as N-506.


  • Anal chain with balls of different sizes
  • Perfect for beginners or experts
  • With base ring for easy removal
  • Made of Premium Silicone, safe and soft
  • Overall length: 30cm
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