Silvery High-Tech Wand Super Powerful Wireless USB Chrome Silicone

Silvery, the new wand massager you were waiting for.

Silvery is a chrome wand with a power that will leave you speechless.

This new Action wand, as we have told you, has incredible strength, and its head is made of silky soft silicone. But its qualities do not only end there:

  • It has 20 vibration modes, because we know that there are times when you need a gentle vibration at the exact point to remove any stress knots, or simply to enjoy quietly. But there are times when we need and want a strong and powerful vibration that takes your worries away with just one touch.
  • Its chrome colored body is ergonomic and has an ideal curvature for an extra comfortable grip.
  • Its rounded head has a high quality soft and silky silicone, its touch is extraordinary. But, in addition, its neck is flexible, so that you can reach any place on your body (or on the body that you want…) that you want.

We know that the most powerful massagers are usually corded, but many times these cords limit where you can use them. For this reason, Silvery has been designed without cables, it is rechargeable by USB, and not only that, but its power is super strong, believe me that it will become your favorite massager from the first use.

Remember to use a good toy cleaner, like N-507, and use a good water-based lubricant, like N-506, N-996, and N-997, for an extra wet, comfortable, and pleasurable experience.


  • 20 vibration modes
  • 8 adjustable speeds
  • hyper powerful vibrations
  • Silky smooth high quality silicone head
  • flexible neck/head
  • user friendly panel
  • wireless
  • USB rechargeable
  • Noise level: <40
  • Total measurements: 29.5 cm x 5.5 cm
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