Pyro Advanced Thrusting, Rotating and Moaning Masturbator

Pyro arrives at Intoyou, a new male masturbator with?a powerfull?motor.

Pyro has, as we have already told you, a powerfull?motor with which you can enjoy 7 thrusting and rotation functions.

It is a masturbator with advanced technology, something you have never experienced before. We know that pleasure is like everyone, different, in every way, and therefore, in addition to those wonderful 7 thrusting and rotation functions, Pyro has a Turbo function, for those moments when you need pleasure right away.

To make your experiences with Pyro as realistic as possible, we have included a female moaning function that will make you enjoy a unique experience.

What will surprise you the most about Pyro its power, its strength, and the softness of its inner sleeve. Pyro’s materials are extra soft, high quality and it is rechargeable by USB.

Remember to use your favorite water-based lubricant, such as Nanami N-506, N-997 or N-996, so that the experience is maximized and clean it before and after use with a good toy cleaner. like the N-507.


  • 7 thrusting and rotation functions
  • turbo function
  • a powerfull?motor
  • female moaning feature
  • USB rechargeable


  • Total length: 28cm
  • Total diameter: 8.5cm
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