Oral Sex Popping Candies Display 48 Units

Do you no longer know how to innovate in oral sex and you think you have tried everything? These Popping Candies that explode in your mouth will convince you that there is still a lot to experience.

Bring the magic to your mouth and surprise yourself and your partner with a new addictive sensation, little candies that explode on your tongue and make fun and unexpected ‘pops’.

You just have to drop some candies in your mouth to start enjoying its seductive effect, adding an element of surprise to oral sex sessions.

These explosive sugar candies come in a single-use container and their effervescent effect will make oral sex an explosive experience.

You can use them in many creative ways: add them to your chest or any erogenous zone and invite your partner to enjoy the sound and effect in their mouth. Fill the tub with water at the right temperature and drop one of the explosive candies into it. Invite your partner and listen to the sparkling effect of popping candies in the water. Have a good time together.

  • How it works: Popping candies have microscopic CO2 bubbles trapped in the candies. These bubbles are released when they come into contact with your saliva, and that’s when you feel that fun, unexpected and spectacular explosion sensation.


  • Display with 48 units (24 strawberry and 24 mint)
  • 9 gr per single dose/sachet
  • 100% edible
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