Masturbator Premium Squeeze Tube Cup

Manual masturbator for the penis from the Tenga Premium series.

The Tenga Premium series is characterized by being made of better quality elastomer than the previous CUP models, thus providing a more pleasant and soft feeling. Its internal urethane foam is high-end and provides a sensation of thrust at the time of insertion. Inside we find textures that increase the sensations at the moment of friction.

This model is characterized by having a soft body, ideal for pressing during penetration and making it narrower for tighter sensations. At the tip it has a hole that, when pressed and left covered, creates a vacuum during penetration, thus creating a very pleasant sensation of suction. It comes lubricated with a soft and neutral lubricant that helps penetration to be fluid. This model is intended for single use, since the internal cover is not removable and cannot be cleaned properly.

Main features:

  • Premium series manual masturbator.
  • Better quality elastomer than previous CUPs.
  • Nice and soft feeling.
  • Internal textures that increase sensations.
  • Model that can be pressed.
  • Create tighter penetrations.
  • It has a hole that when covered creates suction.
  • It comes lubricated.
  • The cover is not removable.
  • Designed for single use.
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