Masturbator Flex Fizzy Green

Tenga Flex Fizzy?is a manual masturbator with an elegant and sophisticated design.

With a futuristic aesthetic, it is a masturbator made inside of a particularly flexible elastomer, very soft and soft, creating a pleasant sensation during penetration. The casing with Flex spiral grooves causes a very sensory and different stimulation.

Covering the air hole at the top of the product during use Flex will rotate back and forth, creating a spiral and vacuum motion for a powerful suction sensation. The material allows you to squeeze, twist and grip hard to vary the penetration pressure to suit the consumer. Inside we find textures and grooves that form a very dynamic and sensory internal structure. These wrap the penis during penetration, embracing it for a more intense sensation.

It is reusable and easy to remove the inner sleeve for convenient cleaning. The lid has a drying system to combine it with the sleeve after cleaning. It has an insertion depth of approximately 165mm and a width of 45mm.


  • Manual masturbator.
  • Sophisticated, elegant and futuristic design.
  • Flexible and soft.
  • Made of elastomer.
  • Textured interior.
  • Spiral shaped casing.
  • During the movement it creates spiral stimulation.
  • Suitable for creating a vacuum, powerful suction effect.
  • It can be squeezed and rotated.
  • Apply the desired pressure.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It has an easy and comfortable drying system.
  • Insertion depth 165 mm/Width: 45 mm.
  • Important to combine it with a water-based lubricant.
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