Masturbator Crysta Block

Tenga has developed an exclusive technique in the manufacturing procedures of Crysta, it consists of enveloping floating sheets incorporated in the soft elastomer that create a completely new and innovative experience, which guarantees waves of pleasure. Adjust the sensations by simply adjusting the strength and grip points.

These dynamic floating balls will make you enjoy pleasure in motion with hardly any effort. It is reusable, easy to clean and use.

How to use:

  • If you use it for the first time, remove the protective plastic that covers it.
  • Remove top insert cap facing up, lubricate interior and insert point of product to prepare for use.
  • Adjust your grip and force to enjoy the dynamic sensations of floating balls.
  • After using it, please wash it carefully with water. (This product does not allow you to remove all the inside part out, do not try, you may damage the product).
  • Finally, place the clean and dry item in the case, in a ventilated area to finish drying. When it is completely dry (Check that it is not damp) put the top lid back on and store it in a cool, dry place protected from the sun.
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