Masturbator Air Flow Cup

Air Flow Cup is an hourglass-shaped masturbator that provides an excellent fit.

A toy specifically created for deep masturbation that has 3 different spiral-shaped materials for a narrowing sensation. The pleasure of male fellatio together with an ergonomic design. Its lubricating ring holds and provides lubrication, its granulated texture adheres and releases, giving you very pleasant stimulation. It has an insertion mechanism called “Smooth Pad” which is a soft and smooth pad that applies the lubricant from the beginning of the insertion.

Offering you at the same time additional adherence, less loss of lubricant and greater hermeticity. The one-way valve controls airflow, the air hole controls suction, and the intake is smooth but very tight.


  • Hourglass shaped masturbator.
  • Lubricating ring that holds and provides lubrication.
  • Grainy texture that sticks and drops.
  • It has 3 different materials in a spiral shape for a narrowing sensation.
  • Smooth Pad Mechanism
  • Additional adhesion, less loss of lubricant and greater tightness.
  • One-way valve that controls the air flow.
  • Very tight and smooth entrance.
  • Air hole to control suction.
  • Measurements: 15 cm (Insert) x 4.5 cm (Width).
  • It is one-use only.
  • Lubricant Included.
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