Lavender Aroma Bath Bomb with Rose Petals 140 gr

The TALOKA Lavender Bath Bomb is a sphere full of aroma, petals and softening and relaxing properties that turns your bath into a gratifying SPA. It stands out for its floral, wild and fresh notes.

This pump is 140gr and has the capacity to perfume a large bathtub. Its pleasant Lavender aroma provides intensity and sweetness and guarantees a pleasant and very relaxing bath, while providing multiple benefits for the skin: softens, tones and moisturizes it and produces a feeling of well-being and sensuality.

This unmistakable fragrance is one of the most used in perfumery because it is directly associated with pleasure, it transmits good sensations and makes us feel good. It is a warm, sweet, balsamic and deep fragrance that envelops everything. It is an aroma that has the power to transport us to pleasant moments in our lives and evokes childhood, grandma’s desserts, ice cream, innocence and family. But due to its exotic origin, it also takes us to distant paradises covered with orchids and palm trees, colorful and scented by its smell.

The Lavender fragrance is inspired by natural Lavender flowers. A unique and very special flower of the Mediterranean. The Lavender flower has a classic aroma of fresh morning flowers, soap and tradition, purity and well-being. A familiar and country aroma that takes us back to childhood, to the countryside and to French Provence.Lavender has a floral, herbal and Provencal aroma that stands out for its wild notes, enriched with expansive fresh aromatic nuances and aniseed and balsamic notes in the background. .

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