Gegg Masturbator Egg Black

G-egg is the new masturbator egg from Gvibe. It’s soft and smooth on the outside, but patterned and textured on the inside with 3D edges that create intense sensations, massaging every inch of your penis. The greater elasticity of the premium silicone makes the use of this masturbator very comfortable and pleasant.
The masturbator is ideal for solo games, foreplay, and couple fun. The stimulation with this masturbator can be combined with oral sex, manual work or caresses. The masturbator’s unique textures increase sensitivity, leading to unusual new sensations and a spectacular climax.

Gvibe’s Gegg is suitable for anyone with a penis looking for a compact and innovative masturbator. Its compact size allows you to take it wherever you go. Perfect for your next vacation, no one will know unless you tell.

Water-based lubricants are compatible with this 100% TPE masturbator. Remove the egg from the plastic wrap, rinse for the first time, and pour the lubricant inside. Try the textured side around the head of the penis or turn it upside down on a dildo to add texture. After use, rinse well with warm water and use a toy cleaner.


  • Compact size (length – 6.5 cm; width – 5 cm).
  • Futuristic design with 3D borders
  • Premium TPE with higher elasticity
  • Fully hypoallergenic TPE material
  • Suitable for both solo and partner play
  • Suitable for multiple uses
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