Erotic Craps Poker Game

Dice poker is a game for pairs or groups. It will awaken the most intimate senses, without complications and in a simple way. With this game we try to respect the most intimate senses of each player. The entertainment will take you to a highly sensual environment where the most hidden senses sprout to the surface, the lack of libido will not be an excuse or to say that stress is the cause of your lack of sexual appetite, they probably are, but with poker Given these symptoms disappear.

We recommend a sensual atmosphere, dim lighting, aromatic candles and music according to the moment, dress and put on shoes, whether in pajamas, everyday clothes or summer clothes. The best are strawberries, banana, drink for a shot, cava, sweets and/or some foods of your liking.


  • instructions
  • Beaker
  • 5 poker dice
  • bondage tape
  • blindfold
  • stimulating fether tickler
  • 25mm die