Dry Gum 10 Uds

Wug Dry chewing gums are a food supplement that comes in a chewing gum format, very fun and easy to consume. Thanks to the fact that they are in gum format, you don t need water and you can take it wherever you want.

They are indicated to reduce fluid retention and to aid in weight loss diets. They have ingredients, such as pineapple extracts, green tea, garcinia and magnolia, that purify the body and stimulate the digestive mechanisms. They are sugar free and have a pleasant green apple flavor.

Remember that 1 gum is recommended for at least 10 minutes so that its principles are assimilated and that you should not consume more than 4 gum a day. We recommend not to exceed the daily dose. It contains polyols and excessive consumption can cause a laxative effect. Keep out of the reach of children.


  • Contains 10 gums of 2.4 gr each
  • No sugar
  • Reduces fluid retention
  • Ideal for weight control diets
  • Prevents urine retention
  • Minimum caloric intake

Essential Ingredients:

  • Green Tea: Stimulates the body, which improves the ability to burn calories by acting as a cardio-protector and a powerful natural diuretic.
  • Garcinia: Garcinia contains hydroxycitric acids that help to burn body fat, decrease appetite and enhance serotonin production, improving anxiety states.
  • Magnolia: Decreases cortisol levels, causing the body to accumulate less fat. It prevents constipation and thanks to its anti-inflammatory power it is used to treat the flu.
  • Pineapple: Facilitates the elimination of fluids due to its diuretic effect, which purifies and detoxifies the body. It digests proteins making the stomach work easier.
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