Board Game Corazon Seductor

Seductive Heart is a board game with tests of seduction and passion. You are rolling the dice and advancing squares alternately and doing the tests that the game indicates.

Before starting we recommend preparing drinks of your liking, ice, fruits, sweets, creams, massage oil or edible paints, all this to spread and be able to eat. At the beginning, create a pleasant atmosphere by lighting the scented candle and whatever your imagination occurs to you. The different obstacles will make you feel the most exciting sensations than ever. The fun is served, from here, to eroticism, from eroticism to sensuality, from sensuality to love and love, without a doubt, to climax. Golden Rule.

There are tests that are implied or said directly that they are naked or clothed, in the event that the test is naked, and you are clothed, or otherwise, you are naked and the test is clothed, the test is carried out as is indicates, but immediately afterwards you will be as at the beginning.

Game content:

  • 28 X 28 board, 2 mm thick and laminated with gloss
  • 1 whistle figure
  • 1 tit figure
  • 2 tokens
  • 2 dice
  • 2 goblets
  • 1 hourglass
  • 1 bondage tape
  • 1 sex die
  • 1 stimulating pen
  • 1 blindfold
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