Bed Restraints Set Vegan Leather

Delve into the world of submission with the Intoyou Black Shadow line, a line for those most courageous and passionate about BDSM.

Any BDSM lover loves good restraints to use in bed and in Black Fetish Shadow you will always have what you need.

These restrictions are very versatile, you can put whoever you want in the position you want. The set includes the restraints to put on the bed, with 4 points of contact so you can put it on almost any size of mattress. You will also find handcuffs for ankles and wrists.

These handcuffs are removable, made of neoprene, ensuring unmatched comfort and softness. Thanks to the fact that they are removable, you can perform a quick release at any time. At the same time, each wife is adjustable, lust and pleasure have never been so close.


  • Vegan leather
  • Adjustable handcuffs
  • Resistant constraints
  • Safe and comfortable materials
  • 100% nickel free
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